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A domain name or a web address of a website contains a lot of information you might not know. The details of your home address, your contact info, your IP address, and all of the similar data are under the single umbrella of the domain. If you want to track a web domain, just visit any who is checker tool and enter a domain name to unveil all the data hidden behind the domain name. The best who is checker tool I have been using so far is This website or tool will display all the data of a particular domain, from the domain name to the domain registry company.

Web domain checker is a tool mostly used by bloggers, website company owners, and online magazine owners.


How to use the Whois Checker tool?

The use of a whois checker tool is pretty simple. Follow the steps.


Step 1: Visit And you will be redirected to the tool.


Step 2: A dialogue box will be shown on the screen which says to enter the domain name of your website.


Step 3: Following the instructions, enter or paste the domain name of your website.


Step 4: Hit the “submit” button and wait for the final report to be generated.


The final result will be displayed in the form of a table that shows a list of information from the domain name to the tech city and postal code, each and every info will be shown.


Why use the Whois Checker tool?

Whois checker tool is essential for cybersecurity experts and bloggers, if a website has been hacked using a particular webpage, the domain can be used to track all the information and to arrest the culprit of that illegal act or crime.

Moreover, we also think of bloggers, they write content for various websites and use them as a posting platform. Well, if you are one who is a blogger and publishes content on various websites then it could be a great tool for you. This tool allows you to keep track of a particular website on which you are posting your content whether it’s legal or not.

This tool also allows you to check the domain registry of a website and you can track that domain from that domain registry and let them know if something illegal happens using that website.



Drawbacks of using the Whois Checker tool

Whois checker is a great tool to use but as everything has two perspectives; good or bad, this tool also has the same, this tool don’t display complete information due to its privacy concerns and it says that it can’t reveal complete information of a particular domain.

Well, if you need complete information, you have to register yourself as an authorized person and have to pay a nominal fee to access that data.

Well, many websites have this feature, the only difference is the charges we have to pay- some charge less and some have premium rates which are only affordable by elite class bloggers and cybersecurity agents.