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Domain into IP tool has been developed for those who want to convert their domain names into IP addresses. This tool is most often used by organizations, educational institutes to access their websites from the institute. Mostly, universities and high schools use IP addresses for students in the libraries and computer labs, It is believed that accessing a website through an IP address is much easier than a particular domain name.

As we all know, domain names and IP addresses have major differences. An IP address usually refers to an Internet protocol whereas a domain name is used for accessing a particular website. We also consider a converted domain name from domain to IP tool as an IP address, but in actual it isn’t.

The final output of a converted domain name is actually in the format of an IP address, but in reality, it is not an IP address. The best domain to IP tool I have used so far is


How to use a Domain into IP Address tool?

Step 1: Visit, and you will be redirected to the tool directly. If you want to access this tool through the main website, then you just have to click on the domain to the IP tool.


Step 2: You will see a dialogue box on the screen, which says to enter the URL of your website.


Step 3: As per the instructions, enter the URL or domain name of the website you want to into an IP address format.


Step 4: Click on the “ SUBMIT” button and wait for the final result to be generated. The final result will be displayed in the format of an IP address.


Why use Domain into IP tool?

Domain into IP tool helps you to hide your domain behind an IP address so, when you once send it to any person, it won’t be recognized and identified. Mostly, bloggers and hackers use this tool to embed it behind a link or to keep track of a website respectively.


Is Domain into IP tool is beneficial or not?

The answer to this question might be intriguing, for some, it is beneficial and vice versa.

As some bloggers use direct links to a website to embed, and some don’t. Some organizations prefer using domains and URLs to access the website and some don’t so the answer could be a challenge for a particular person as it’s opinion-based


How the information is displayed in the domain into IP tool?

Usually, the domain into IP tools displays a piece of specific information for the website you are converting a domain into an IP address. The tool I have recommended to use is, the reason for suggesting this tool to use is its fast service and detailed information. It displays the information in the form of lists. It displays a piece of detailed information which includes, the URL or domain name of a website, IP address, and the city of that IP address with the ISP an IP address is using.