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The Alexa tool is a website rank checking tool that has been introduced by, but now you can find a number of Alexa site rank checkers around the internet.

Alexa rank is simply the popularity check of your website among the other sites on the internet.

Ranking a website has never been easy. It includes a lot of technical knowledge, research about your competitors, and more. Ranking in search engine results requires SEO, backlinks, keyword research, and more. If you need to check out the ranking of your website and you want to analyze where the website ranks in Google search results, this is where the use of ALEXA RANK CHECKER comes in. This is an amazing tool by to check out the ranking of your website among your competitors, it helps you better analyze your content and change it accordingly.

The ranking check from Alexa rank checker is usually on the basis of visitors and conversions on your website with the user engagement. It also analyzes the social media shares of your website, SEO, and backlinks of the website that has been created, and after evaluating all, it shows up the final result which is the ranking of your website.


How to use Alexa Rank Checker?

Before going further, I just want to let you that if you are thinking this tool is difficult to use so make a correction and just follow the guideline.


Step 1: Visit and you’ll be redirected to the tool. If you are on the website and want to open this tool, just click on Alexa rank checker and you’ll reach out to that.


Step 2: You’ll see a dialogue box on the screen which says to enter the link to your website.


Step 3: Just enter your website link in that dialogue box.


Step 4: Hit the submit button and wait for the results to appear on the screen, once the results will appear- you can easily see the complete details of your website including its search engine ranking, SEO details, and more.


Why use the Alexa rank checker?

Checking manually the ranking of your website could be back-breaking, it usually takes a lot of time to tackle that over a hundred pages unless your website is on the first page of search engine results.

Well, making it efficient could be easy with the help of automated tools as Alexa rank checker for website ranking.

Your website can easily be traced and the ranking can be checked and analyzed.

The use of automated tools makes the check efficient but you can also have some issues while using the Alexa rank checker.

Some tools are just fake and designed to spam the users, they assure 99% efficiency but actually, they aren’t so I would suggest you not to use those tools and if you are looking for a trusted tool that provides accurate results, just follow the link